IUPUI Medical

Ruth Lilly Medical Library – IUPUI
(Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis)

The Ruth Lilly Medical Library special collections is located in Indianapolis on the campus of IUPUI and is the only academic medical library in the state of Indiana. The special collections emphasizes the practice of medicine in 19th Century Indiana and other Midwestern states.

The building of Ruth Lilly Medical Library
Ruth Lilly Medical Library on IUPUI’s campus

The collections are approximately 1,600 books, most of which are post-1800. Approximately 400 titles are pre-1920, 200 are American imprints and 76 are Midwestern.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00pm but special hours may be scheduled

Phone: 1-317-274-7182

Web address: http://library.medicine.iu.edu/index.php?cID=1

Physical address: 975 West Walnut Street, IB 307, Indianapolis, IN


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