University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Special Collections
University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Department of Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus is located at the Memorial Library in room 976.

Memorial Union Lounge (
Memorial Union Lounge – not in Library… can’t find a photo of library. (

The collections were found in 1946 with the Thordarson collection of rare science and illustrated natural history books. It now features one of the nation’s leading collections for the history of science. The collection strengths include the Duveen and Cole collections of alchemy and chemistry, Schadewald Collection on Pseduo-Science, Science and Religion Collection, and Albert Collect on optics and ophthalmology. Other strengths include the Little Magazines Collection, the Cairns Collection of American Women Writers Before 1920, and numerous author collections.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00pm

Phone: 1-608-262-3243

Web Address:

Physical Address: 728 State St., Madison, WI


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