Day 17: Touch of Evil

Sunday, July 12, 2015
I had the intention of visiting Borough Market and a few other libraries today, but guess what?! It’s Sunday! Things are closed on Sunday!

I feel silly for not remembering, but alas, I still had a fun day.

It started off this morning with the intention of finding a book. Our class is leaving tomorrow morning for Edinburgh, Scotland and it will be a 12 hour bus ride… it’s going to be a looooong day… I should be fine for the length of it (I did drum corps for goodness sakes!), but thus my reasons for preparing today.

The past two weeks I’ve noticed a book stall under the Waterloo Bridge and decided to start my search there.

Books! (via K. Emmons)
Books! (via K. Emmons)

Success! All are second-hand books, which is perfect for my intentions! I found a bargain book to keep me entertained for the duration of the trip (hopefully I don’t finish it before the trip even begins).

Once purchased, I went in search of a nice café to have an almond croissant. Another success! Le Pain Quotidien was nearby, next to the Southbank Center. Visit my Food page to see the flaky triumph! I also managed to get a GIGANTIC latte to wash it down with. Utter bliss!

Walking home, I decided to stop in at the British Film Institute (they have an archive, by the way) and inquire about showings for the afternoon. The BFI is having a session on Orson Welles, whom I’ve recently becoming acquainted. The Lilly Library, where I work and go to class, has a great collection of Orson Welles materials, paper and otherwise. I’ve gotten to hold the Oscar he won for Best Original Screenplay for Citizen Kane!

Indiana University hosted a Centennial Celebration this past spring where the IU Cinema, the Lilly Library, the Media School, and others participated in showcasing this man of great talent. I saw Citizen Kane two months ago and thought today was the perfect day to see another movie!

Dramatic film noir poster! (via
Dramatic film noir poster! (via

Touch of Evil sounded like the perfect choice for such a grey afternoon.

I walked into the theater half an hour early and this is what greeted me:

Welcome... to the THEATER (via K. Emmons)
Welcome… to the THEATER (via K. Emmons)


It’s so perfect! This is the epitome of a film theater in my mind. There was uplighting, red curtains, rows of plush, red velvet seating…

Plush, red velvet chairs (via K. Emmons)
Plush, red velvet chairs (via K. Emmons)

It was soooo comfortable. Now, here’s the synopsis provided for the film:


I really enjoyed the movie. It was presented the way Welles most likely intended and not the way the production company originally aired it. The Lilly Library got a mention in the credits too for supporting the person who remixed the scenes!

Also – beautiful people are beautiful.

Marlene Dietrich (via
Marlene Dietrich (via
Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh (via
Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh (via
Charlton Heston (via
Charlton Heston (via

I should watch more early films. There’s nothing quite like them…

Anywho – tomorrow will be our bus trip to Edinburgh. The rest of the week is a little up in the air on if I’ll have computer access to create blog posts. I guess we’ll have to see!

On to Day 18!


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