Internship – Week 10

As part of the coursework, interns have to keep a weekly journal of our experiences. Blog entries are acceptable and I thought this would be a great way to keep everyone updated on my library activities at the Lilly Library!

October 26 – 30

Monday, October 26th (4.5 hours):
Lots more email reference questions. Updated the blog for last week.Worked on class notes for the “Intro to Lilly Research” class designed for undergraduate freshmen. There will be a lot of treasures brought out to stun and amaze, but I’ll be showing them how these could be used in primary resource research. Drawing your own conclusions from an artifact (a book in this case) is very different than reading someone else’s conclusions (secondary resource).

Wednesday, October 28th (4.5 hours):
Email reference questions and I started updating the social media calendar. This will be a place where whoever is doing the social media (be it the Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc) can check out important events on specific days. I started out by listing the birth dates of all American presidents. One of the librarians wants to do a special tweet for each of the presidents leading up to next year’s presidential election. We have a large collection of Presidential signatures.

Friday, October 30th (4 hours):
I worked on a few more reference questions and responded via email. I’ve gotten more work done on the social media calendar… I’d like to have something for every day of the year, which might be a little difficult. I’m trying to relate these dates of people to examples in the Lilly’s collections. I want our social media person to have options. 🙂

 “Awful Murder and Mutilation of a Woman, in Whitechapel”  (via Lilly Library News & Notes)
“Awful Murder and Mutilation of a Woman, in Whitechapel” (via Lilly Library News & Notes)

Tomorrow is Halloween! My internship advisor did a great job on writing about spooky items in the Lilly’s collections. She posted on Twitter (@IULillyLibrary) and via the Lilly’s blog (Lilly Library News & Notes) about them. There are marionette dolls, a mouse skin, and human hair!

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!


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