Internship – Week 16

As part of the coursework, interns have to keep a weekly journal of our experiences. Blog entries are acceptable and I thought this would be a great way to keep everyone updated on my library activities at the Lilly Library!

December 7 – 11

Monday, December 7th (4.5 hours):
Today has been a fairly slow day at the Lilly. Any emailed reference questions had been answered by the time I arrived in the afternoon, I don’t have any classes coming up, and the reading room was relatively quiet. Most of the manuscripts had been put away too!

I spent most of my time updating the social media calendar. Rebecca gave me an interesting calendar that has birthdays of important authors/entertainers/political figures/scientists – it’s from Half Price Books. The nice thing is, it has some one for EVERY day. I’ve used it as a guide to look up people in the Lilly collections to see if they’re relevant to us.

Wednesday, December 9th (4.5 hours):
Another slow day… but it’s also my last! 😥

Happily, since I still don’t have a full-time job yet, they’ve asked me if I can come back in the spring to work for a few hours. I have to keep my IU administrative assistant job in order to pay the bills and work 20 hours with them, but I should be able to give 8 hours to the Lilly. Since both jobs are at IU I can’t go over the 29 hour limit because then they’ll have to start paying me benefits.

I spent most of my time today adding to the social media calendar again – my goal was to have something for every day on the calendar. That objective didn’t quite work out, but I have managed to put a lot on there. I’m quite proud of my little project.

Well… now on to finishing up a few things for my credit classes and then graduation on the 19th! Yay!

graduation cap with tassel

Thank you to everyone at the Lilly Library who’s helped me out over the past 2 years, especially my internship advisor, Rebecca Baumann, and academic advisor, Joel Silver!


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