I’m going to the United Kingdom!! Yay!

city scene of parliament and the london eye
cite: visitlondon.com

Starting tomorrow, June 25th, and going all the way through July I will be studying library science in Britain and Scotland. The program is the British Studies Program with the University of Southern Mississippi and I’m so incredibly excited! We’ll get to visit many different kinds of libraries, archives, and museums in London. We’ll travel to Oxford University and Edinburgh, Scotland… I’m. So. Excited.

Get ready for a lot more blog posts. As part of our class we have to keep a blog. There will be a lot detailing my experiences, but get ready for some exciting posts on libraries too! Woo!

Reflective Blog posts as part of assignment:
Museum of London Exhibits
Bodleian Library at Oxford
British Library
London Library
British Museum Archives
Royal Geographical Society
Imperial War Museum
St. Paul’s Cathedral Library
National Art Museum
Maughan Library at King’s College
Edinburgh Central Library
Barbican Public Library

Extra Fun Stuff: Food in England/Scotland

If you want to join in on the fun and apply, here’s more information about the Library and Information Sciences class and the website where you apply!


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